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Long Duration Energy Storage and Power for a Carbon Free Future

SolStor Energy LLC (SolStor) is a Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) technology company and developer whose Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Electrical Thermal Energy Storage (eTES) projects will be built, owned, and operated by separate equity partners. The substantial amounts of photovoltaic (PV) electricity being constructed to meet daytime power demands have created a large and rapidly growing need for electricity generation when PV output stops at sundown. CSP plants are designed with thermal energy storage (TES) to store energy during the day to meet the energy needs from the evening, through the night, until PV generation picks up in the morning.


CSP projects use mirrors to focus and concentrate the sun’s energy and store it as heat in a fluid until it is dispatched to run a steam turbine to generate electricity. Projects using these technologies have been operating for decades and continue to be successfully deployed in many places around the world. CSP with long-duration TES can operate 24/7 and can be configured to operate 365 days per year, regardless of weather, by using small amounts of natural gas, or green hydrogen, or green ammonia. Standalone eTES projects use the same TES system as CSP, but the energy to charge the TES comes from excess or curtailed renewable energy which is stored and can be dispatched on-demand as electricity or heat.

Project Development

SolStor is developing CSP power
projects, using either molten salt tower or
parabolic trough solar technologies, in
addition to stand-alone eTES, to
provide cost effective and dispatchable
renewable nighttime and/or peaking
power. SolStor envisions siting multiple
plants on a site to take advantage of
lower O&M costs. We are working with a major engineering and construction company and we formed a consortium with highly regarded component suppliers.

Our Team

SolStor is a partnership between Solar Dynamics LLC (SD), a CSP technology company, and six globally recognized CSP experts, to market the next generation CSP technologies. Collectively, the founders have played major roles in the design, development, financing, construction, or operation of 40% of the CSP plants operating globally, excluding China.
We hold the unique distinction of being the only company worldwide to have three team members who have been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) SolarPACES Program.


The shift towards the decarbonization of the power sector and the industry, the electrification of road transportation, and the AI-driven increase in demand, are propelling utilities to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, with an anticipated addition of more of six hundred GW of renewables by 2030 in US. SolStor Energy’s CSP and eTES solutions are perfectly aligned with this transition, offering utilities the dispatchability that PV and wind sources lack, at a more competitive price than equivalent PV or Wind + Battery Energy Storage Systems. Our technology provides, carbon free, all the advantages of rotating generators—such as grid stability, reliability, and the ability to meet peak demand—, making it an ideal solution for utilities facing the challenges of their evolving energy demands.

Data Centers

SolStor Energy is acutely aware of the burgeoning demand for data center capacity, driven by the advent of AI, which is expected to double from 17 GW in late 2022 to 35 GW by 2030 across the nation. Our CSP and eTES solutions are uniquely positioned to meet this surge, offering data centers reliable, 24/7, carbon free energy needed to power the next generation of AI technologies. This ensures data centers can scale their operations efficiently while maintaining a minimal environmental footprint, aligning with the industry’s rapid growth and sustainability goals.


SolStor Energy is at the forefront of the eFuels revolution, able to leverage CSP and eTES technologies to produce green hydrogen and derivatives like green ammonia. Our approach ensures the lowest Levelized Cost of Hydrogen and Levelized Cost of Ammonia, alongside the most competitive prices for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. This will position SolStor as a leader in providing cost-effective, sustainable fuel solutions, driving the energy transition forward with innovation and economic viability.

“As we navigate the evolving energy landscape in the U.S., my mission at SolStor Energy is to lead with innovation, using solar power to address our nation’s pressing energy needs. By focusing on sustainable solutions, we aim to set new standards for reliability and efficiency, ensuring a greener future for all Americans.”

Dr. Frederick H. Morse, CEO

“With an eye on the evolving U.S. energy sector, I drive SolStor Energy’s operations to achieve our goal of delivering firm dispatchable renewable power solutions for the American market, delivering not just power, but a promise of sustainability that addresses our nation’s demand for clean energy.”

Hank Price, COO

“My goal is to advance solar technology, positioning SolStor Energy at the forefront of the U.S. market by offering sustainable, reliable energy solutions through cutting-edge Long Duration Energy Storage, eco-friendly eFuels, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. We’re dedicated to meeting America’s unique energy demands with innovation and efficiency.”

Xavier Lara, CTO

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