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Parabolic Trough + PV + Electrical Heaters Hybrid Plant 
Parabolic Trough systems are the most proven and deployed CSP technology in the world. These plants use collectors with  parabolic-shaped mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver tube placed at the focal line of the parabolic trough mirrors. A synthetic heat transfer fluid  circulating through the receiver tube absorbs the concentrated solar energy and is heated to high temperatures. This heat is then transferred to the molten salt storage system and, when needed, day or night, is used to generate steam, which drives a turbine connected to an electricity generator.
Our Parabolic Trough+PV+EH hybrid configuration supercharges the conventional trough plant by using PV powered electrical heaters to raise the temperature of the molten salt in the thermal storage system to the same temperatures (1050°F / 565°C) used in the molten-salt tower configuration, again providing the most cost effective and efficient energy storage on the market today. The solar field uses the latest generation of large  aperture parabolic trough collectors, developed by Solar Dynamics. These troughs have the highest efficiency and lowest cost in the market.  
The choice between the Molten Salt Central Tower or Parabolic Trough-PV Hybrid configurations, depends on solar resource and other siting considerations, e.g. proximity to airports, AICUZ (Air Installations Compatible Use Zones, DoD/Military restrictions, proximity to suburban areas, etc.

At SolStor Energy, our eTES system will revolutionize large-scale energy storage and grid support. By using molten salts heated to 1050°F (565°C), our eTES not only surpasses traditional Battery Energy Storage Systems in sustainability and cost-efficiency but also offers superior storage capacity and reduced levelized costs. Designed for a 35-year lifespan without the need for replacement, our system provides the same grid benefits as rotating generators, such as improved stability, frequency regulation, and voltage support. Additionally, it uniquely provides on-demand electricity, heat, or steam, aiding in the decarbonization of industries.

Beyond electricity, our eTES can supply heat or steam for industrial processes, positioning SolStor Energy as a key player in the decarbonization of the American industry.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that SolStor Energy will lead in efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability, marking a significant step forward in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

SolStor will work with the California ARCHES and Texas HyVelocity Hydrogen Hubs and also has a collaborative agreement with Saoradh Enterprise Partners (SEP) to identify green fuel project opportunities. SolStor is positioned to drive economic efficiencies in green hydrogen production through the synergistic integration of our CSP + TES, and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cell (SOEC) technologies. By leveraging the inherent efficiencies of each system, we can significantly reduce the Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCoH) — by up to 40%.

The utilization of our CSP technology to provide high-grade thermal energy directly to the SOEC process decreases the dependency on electricity for heating, thereby reducing the electrical energy required per kilogram of hydrogen produced. This is illustrated in the left figure. When this thermal input is accounted for, there is a substantial decrease in energy costs, which is one of the primary drivers behind the cost of hydrogen production.

Complementing this, our eTES solution acts as a continuous energy buffer, ensuring that SOECs operate without interruption. This consistent energy delivery is crucial for maintaining the high- efficiency levels of SOECs and avoiding the costly energy losses associated with operational downtime and thermal cycling.

We are ready to capitalize on the growing legislative push towards clean energy, as new policies incentivize the adoption of green power. With the requirements of Section 45V of the Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit and the anticipated Energy Attribute Certificates framework, SolStor Energy solution is not just environmentally responsible but also economically advantageous.